AGILeBiotics is a pharmaceutical company, which is covering all expertise and knowledge required for the development of novel antibiotics thanks to regional, national and international collaborations with industry and academic institution.

Knowledge in Microbiology and Bacterial Resistance is provided through the participation of our company in the health-i-care program. Within this program, we collaborate with the University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen, NL), the University Hospital Muenster (Muenster, Germany), and the Hopsital Olderburg (Olderburg, Germany).

Design of Novel Antibiotics and Pre-Clinical Development of our antibiotic candidates is supported by close collaborations with the University of Groningen and the drug discovery service company Integrex Research.

Specialized Synthesis of Antibacterial Compounds is being performed together with the contract research company Syncom BV, which is highly experience in lead-optimization programs and multistep synthesis of natural product inspired lead compounds.

This unique set up facilitated not only the start of our drug discovery program, but now accelerates also the pre-clinical development of our antibiotic candidates