Our synthetic technologies are…


Since decades, natural product-based antibiotics are the number one choice for the treatment of patients infected by bacteria. However, rising bacterial resistance limits the clinical application of these promising drugs worldwide. To reinstall their clinical use, AGILeBiotics employs smart and patented synthetic methods that convert existing antibiotics, which lost their antibacterial efficacy, to novel antibiotic candidates overcoming bacterial resistance. Smart synthetic strategies, AGILeBiotics evades the discovery step and gives promising antibiotics a second life cycle.


Employing natural product-based antibiotics as lead compounds has its limitations as many natural products are structurally complex and require cumbersome syntheses. With our synthetic methods we facilitate the modification of existing antibiotics based on natural products. We have facile access to libraries of novel antibiotic candidates based on complex natural products for in vivo and in vitro activity screening. By employing existing drugs as lead compounds we aim to shorten the time-to-market period and become a world leader in development of novel antibiotics against life-threatening infections by multidrug resistant bacteria.


Our smart synthetic methods are solving two problems at the same time. On the one hand, AGILeBiotics can produce quickly a library of novel antibiotic candidates based on structurally complex natural products. On the other hand, our strategy allows site-selective modification giving access to modified antibiotics, which overcome clinical relevant bacterial resistance mechanism. Summarized, our synthetic technologies accelerate drug development, reduce the cost during pre-clinical and clinical trials and give access to novel antibiotics overcoming bacterial resistance.