Dr. Bernard van Vliet

Dr. B. J. van Vliet is the CEO of Integrex Research B.V., a CRO in Groningen. During his career at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Bernard van Vliet has managed a considerable number of drug discovery programs providing him with in depth experience in the various aspects of drug discovery.

He has established a successful track record in the early development of Nurr-1/RXR agonists (SLV357, SLV359 and SLV360, up to pre-clinical candidates) for the modification of disease progression in Parkinson’s disease and Endothelin-1 converting enzyme inhibitors (SLV334, up to Phase IIa) for reduction of secondary damage in traumatic brain injury.

At AGILeBiotics, Dr. B. van Vliet is acting Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsible for the preclinical screening and profiling activities according to pharma industry standards. He connects all partners of AGILeBiotics and reaches out for CROs essential for antibiotic development.

Dr. Bernard van Vliet
Chief Operating Officer