Dr. Dario Ambrosini

Dr. Ambrosini received his master of science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in 2007 at the University of Milan (Italy). In February 2009, he joined the group of Dr. Gianfabio Giorgioni at University of Camerino (Italy) as Ph.D. candidate focusing on innovative therapy options for the treatment of CNS diseases.

After gaining in depth understanding in drug design and early-stage pre-clinical development as postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University in Boston (MA, US), in 2015, Dr. Ambrosini returned to the University of Milan (Italy) to work on the design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of innovative medicine for the treatment of patients suffering from malaria. In August 2018, Dr. Ambrosini joined our R&D team focusing on the development of new antibiotic candidates.

Dr. Dario Ambrosini
Research Scientist


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