We are passionately translating innovation into novel antibacterials to treat patients suffering from serious lung infections with no therapy options left.

The Challenge

The continuous emergence of bacterial resistance is threatening the clinical use of last-resort antibiotics leaving patients in intensive care with no therapy options left. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) the world is entering the post-antibiotic era, with limited therapy options left for patients infected by MDR pathogens. Nowadays, physician treat patience with toxic antibiotics, such as ploymyxins. Without acceleration of antibiotic development, death rate will increase 10-fold by 2050, reaching 250.000 deaths in Europe and 10 million deaths worldwide. Innovative medicine is desperately needed. (Source: CDC)

Our Goal

AGILeBiotics is an early-stage pharmaceutical company which is developing novel and safe antibacterial for patients in intensive care units suffering from multidrug-resistant infections caused by non-tuberculosis Mycobacterium (NTM), i.e. M. avium, M. abscessus, and P. aeruginosa found in Cystic Fibrosis patients.

Our Approach

(1) Connecting knowledge and expertise

Thanks to regional, national and international collaborations with industry and academic institution, AGILeBiotics brings together all expertise and knowledge essential for the successful development of innovative medicine:

  • Knowledge about Gram-negative bacterial resistance
  • (Componential) design of novel antibiotics
  • Specialized chemistry
  • Microbiological testing against clinical bacterial isolates
  • Pre-clinical development

(2) Understanding patients’ needs

In depth understanding in the patients’ need is very important to us. Therefore, we stand in close collaboration with medical doctors from the University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen, NL), the University Hospital Muenster (Muenster, Germany), and the Hopsital Olderburg (Olderburg, Germany) giving us access to updated knowledge on the ongoing evolution of bacterial resistance.

(3) Designing novel antibiotics

The innovative design and development of our novel antibiotic candidates is supported by close collaborations with scientific experts from non-profit institutions, such as the University of Groningen, DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, and local contract research organizations, such as BioAxis BV Integrex Research BV and Symeres BV (former Syncom).

Our unique setting is connecting essential knowledge and facilities, supports us in understanding the patience needs, drives us in finding innovative solutions, and facilitates the pre-clinical development of our novel antibiotics to treat patience in intensive care units.