AGILeBiotics’ drug development is supported by the Versneller Innovatieve Ambities (VIA) – subsidy from Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN)

POSTED ON 4.04.2018

Supported by the Versneller Innovatieve Ambities (VIA)-subsidy from Samenwerking Noord-Nederland (SNN), AGILeBiotics is developing novel antibiotics for hospital-treated Gram-negative infections. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) the world is entering the post-antibiotic era, with no therapy option left for patients infected by multidrug-resistant (MDR) pathogen. Without novel antibiotics, death rate will increase 10-fold by 2050, reaching 250,000 deaths in Europe and 10 million deaths worldwide. Reviving an existing class of antibiotics is still the most successful strategy to accelerate antibiotic development and increases the chance for approval of novel antibiotics by regulatory bodies. This approach evades the discovery stage and increases the success rate during clinical trials. Supported by the VIA-subsidy form SNN, AGILeBiotics is reviving an existing class of antibiotics, which is based on natural product. Natural products have often a structurally complex molecular structure and therefore introducing structural changes in order to overcome resistance and reduce toxicity is prohibitive expensive and time consuming. Therefore, application of complex natural products in the development of the ‘next generation’ antibiotic is rarely happening in industry. This is where our company AGILeBiotics offers a solution. Our proprietary technology ModiDirect simplifies structural modification of existing natural product-based antibiotics giving quick access to the ‘next generation’ antibiotics. ModiDirect is a scalable chemical reaction, which accelerates our in-house antibiotics development against the most life-threatening multidrug-resistant bacteria. In our running project supported by SNN we are generating a library of novel antibiotic candidates with the aim to identify a drug candidate, which overcomes multiple resistance mechanisms and owns broad-spectrum activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.


The research team of AGILeBiotics attended the 11th conference on Novel Antimicrobial and AMR Diagnostics in Berlin (Germany) on 2 March, 2018. A pitch presentation was given by the CEO of our company.

POSTED ON 25.02.2018

AGILeBiotics attended the Bio-Europe Meeting in Berlin (Germany) from 6-8 November, 2017

POSTED ON 9.11.2017

AGILeBiotics was attending the BioPharm America Meeting in Boston (MA, US) from 25-27 September, 2017

POSTED ON 3.10.2017

Dr. Andreas A. Bastian (left) and Dr. Maria Bastian (right)

AGILeBiotics was featured by Campus Groningen in a short movie

POSTED ON 24.08.2017

Please click here to watch a short movie about AGILeBiotics’ activities

We are proud to introduce the new CSO of AGILeBiotics

POSTED ON 1.06.2017

Starting from June 1, 2017, Dr. Maria Bastian is appointed as Chief Science Officer at AGILeBiotics.

AGILEBIOTICS is featured in RUG’s newsletter

posted on 16.05.2017

The Newsletter from Research & Valorisation of the University of Groningen (RUG) published an article about AGILeBiotics’ vision and mission.

AGILeBiotics is member of the Life Cooperative

posted on 15.05.2017

Life Science and Medical Technology SMEs in the Northern part of the Netherlands are uniting in the Healthy Ageing Business Cooperative in order to influence policy markers of regional governments and institutions.

Healthy Ageing Network


AGILeBiotics joins the Health-i-Care program

posted on 10.04.2017

AGILeBiotics entered successfully the Health-i-Care program (INTERREG) starting a collaboration with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and Hospitals in Germany (Muenster and Oldenburg). Health-i-Care is focusing on the development of innovative products and technologies to protect the society from infections caused by resistant microorganisms and to limit the spread of multidrug resistant bacteria.


Health i Care


AGILeBiotics started a collaboration with Syncom BV

posted on 1.03.2017

AGILeBiotics has started a collaboration with Syncom BV, a CRO company in Groningen, to develop novel antibiotic candidates against life-threatening infections. Together with Syncom’s experience synthetic chemists AGILebiotics is generating libraries of antibiotic candidates based on natural products for pre-clinical and clinical development.


AGILeBiotics receives a pre-seed investment

posted on 1.03.2017

AGILeBiotics received a pre-seed investment from three local investors, i.e. RUG Houdstermaatschappij BV, Stichting Ir G.J. Smid Fonds BV, and Hanzepoort BV. With this financial support, AGILeBiotics has started its drug discovery and development program, and envisions to advance first antibiotic candidates into late pre-clinical development in 2018.




AGILEBIOTICS receives the Take-off fase one grant from NWO

posted on 1.02.2017

AGILeBiotics’s team has been awarded with the Take-off face one grant (EUR 40.000) from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Supported by Prof. Dr. Adriaan Minnaard and the Take-off grant, the team could perform essential feasibility studies and screen for funding opportunities.


Welkom bij het NWO