We are proud to announce that AGILeBiotics has been awarded the Lead Development Voucher by the Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP). The total amount of €50.000 will be allocated to the pre-clinical R&D activities. With this financial support we will evaluate the in vivo efficacy of our antibiotic candidates in a clinically relevant animal model of infection. Our next goal is the nomination of an antibiotic candidate for pre-clinical development.

About NADP: The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform facilitates the collaboration between public and private organizations, to enhance the development of new antibiotics and alternative therapies for infectious diseases in humans and animals. An important objective of the NADP is to increase the productivity of research and development for new antibiotics and alternatives. In order to promote the accelerated development of promising ‘leads’, the NADP has developed a financing instrument specifically for this purpose: the NADP Vouchers. These Vouchers can be used in various phases of the drug development process to gain advice and intensive supervision of research projects from independent consultants or contract research organizations that have specific knowledge and expertise pertinent to the pharmaceutical development process and clinical applications. The options vary from lead identification and optimization, patent applications, and market analysis to pre-clinical drug development.