Current openings

We are constantly looking for new team members, also internship students are very welcome. At the moment we would like to hire a team member with the following qualification:

Research Scientist


– Ph.D. or M.Sc. degree in organic chemistry
– Highly experienced in synthesis, route scouting, and purification methods
– Basic knowledge in pre-clinical drug development (lead-optimization),
– Great communications skills
– Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (optional)
– Work permit in the Netherlands


– Performing challenging organic syntheses
– Optimization of reaction conditions
– Synthesis of novel antibiotic candidates
– Interpretation of biological activity assays (minimal inhibitory concentration, MIC)
– (Re-)design of drug candidates
– Establishing an efficient synthetic process for scale up production.

Starting date

Between April 1, 2018 – May 1, 2018


Dependent on starting date 7 or 8 month (incl. a probation period of one month); contract extension is an option.


Dependent on experience and education level we offer a annual gross salary of € 36.000 – € 40.800 excl. holiday pay of 8% (€ 38.800 – € 44.064 incl. holiday pay).

Your opportunity at AGILeBiotics

AGILeBiotics is an early-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of novel antibiotics based on natural products. Working together with multiple contract research organizations and non-profit institutions, we have all required expertise, knowledge and infrastructure for the pre-clinical development of our drug candidates. Located at the Innolab Chemie Groningen and collaborating closely with Syncom B.V. our dedicated research team has access to state of the art lab facilities and equipment. Starting at our company you have the opportunity to experience all stages of antibiotic development working together with a dedicated team in a very friendly and collegial environment at the same time. Being engaged with our company at this stage you face also the opportunity to grow together with the company boosting your career in a reasonable short time.

If you are interested in working in our team and gain experience in various aspects of drug development in industry, please sent your application to the following contact person (e-mail preferred):

Dr. Andreas A. Bastian
AGILeBiotics B.V.
De Mudden 14 
9747 AW, Groningen (NL)

We are looking forward to your application!